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Typs renders an application to help men and women give the most wonderful sms anytime on Tinder

Press Release: December 05, 2019

Typs generates an app to help people send out the perfect message every single time. Individuals can upload texts which can be chosen on by the Typs people in an upvote/downvote elegance structure for various areas such as “merely compatible”, “only met”, “revive the convo”, and superior. The top upvoted messages come towards the top of each type & group can just copy/paste their most favorite messages to their texting platform preferred by. It is like wondering a best friend for texting guidelines, but a lot better.

La, CA, December 7, 2019 — Textfeed, Inc., a mobile phone application business, has created a crowd-sourced community of high-quality texting for numerous classes that folks can copy/paste to their texting platform preferred by. Groups add “simply matched”, “Ask out”, “Revive the convo”, “Morning after”, and so many more.

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