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100 nerd test questions to evaluate the technical friends & kids.Round one – Stranger points quiz issues.

Models contains queries on Stranger Situations, sport of Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer 40k

Hello nerds (therefore imply that in politest way possible).

We have make the finest technical test for hence – whether you have to test thoroughly your personal facts or you’re a quiz-master wanting to truly examine your friends and relations.

Offering a legendary 100 questions and answers for your needs – broken into ten times.

The times happen to be: Stranger items, wildlife, movie, The X-Files, event of Thrones Connecticut dating sites, spaceships, Lord of Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer 40k and, last but not least, mechanicals.

So whether you want to test out your personal understanding or else you’re looking to evaluate somebody else’s – offering a person sorted.

There is the solutions to this quiz under, so no scrolling down and cheating ahead.

We have in addition rounded right up quizzes that have (in all) an impressive 632 test answers and questions on a number of guides – for the click here.

Round one – Stranger action test questions.

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1. Stranger Things is determined from inside the imaginary non-urban city of Hawkins. But also in which U.S. condition has it been situated?

2. During year two, the sons dress for Halloween as characters from where 80s flick?

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