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Ash’s Adventures in Dating. It pours when it rains!

Tonight, i am off to a property music concert. type of exciting, although i am picturing a rave in my mind (not too exciting) with a few other Prev Med Residents in your community and my brand new closest friend (sorry everyone) Renee from Houston. She relocated right here 30 days ago (but lived here 5 yrs ago) and she is included me personally into her life that is social and versa. this type of sweetie!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Had a weekend that is great while not without small problems. We met a guy that is new Jonathan, who is a shared buddy of Tali and Mark Silberstein ( many thanks Tali!) in north park. He is company man (originally from S. Africa) whom recently sought out by himself and began their own insurance coverage product product sales business. Extremely guy that is cool really family-oriented, proud to be Jewish, hard-working and incredibly well-traveled. Anyways, we met up yesterday (Saturday) daytime and hung down, first during the DC Dance Festival (that has been awful) after which at a club. in the same way friends. We hung out of the entire night, had supper after which hosted some friends of his at their apartment. Of course, I didn’t precisely allow it to be house yesterday evening. Crazy! Had breakfast with him and merely actually enjoyed their business. He is a guy that is good. simply not sure we’m drawn to him. story of my entire life!

Saw Jeremy (the lawyer) on night for a movie thursday.

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