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Must preparation committees follow officers’ advice in reaching decisions?

  • Cassie Barton
  • Gabrielle Garton Grimwood

This briefing examines the connection between planning officers and councillors and just how published guidance discounts aided by the factors that may arise when preparing committees overturn officers’ advice. It pertains to England just.

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Must planning committees follow officers’ advice in reaching decisions? (382 KB, PDF)

Debate sometimes arises whenever planning committees, consists of elected regional authority members, just take decisions on preparation applications that get up against the advice of preparation officers.

Who takes decisions that are planning?

Applications for preparing authorization are submitted to and considered because of the regional preparation authority (LPA). Applications are managed by preparing officers, to who councillors delegate many decisions. The biggest and a lot of contentious applications, though, should be considered by the preparing committee.

Do officers need certainly to free cheating wife dating apps make a recommendation?

Neighborhood authorities need guidelines regarding the roles of councillors and officers, that ought to adapt to the good training on planning decision-making laid straight down in the help guide to probity in planning councillors and officers, posted by the town Association (LGA) therefore the preparing Advisory provider (PAS). That guide claims (amongst other items) that officer reports to committee should suggest the choice to be produced.

Overturning the advice of officers

In instances where councillors overturn the advice of officers, reasons need to be provided. The LGA/PAS help guide to probity in planning councillors and officers shows that councillors must certanly be prepared to explain why they’ve maybe not accepted the officer’s recommendation and that officers must be offered a chance to explain such a decision’s implications, including those for almost any appeal and prize of expenses.

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