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Straight guy realizes his closest friend might be his date in cutest Reddit article ever

Joe Morgan will be the editor-at-large at Gay Star News.

Gay vacationers query Spanish visitors to change homophobic page, her reactions will astound you

Occasionally when you are seeking appreciate, it may be in room for which you least count on they. But sometimes it is staring at you in the face.

Some guy who believe he had been directly is beginning to find that completely, recognizing their companion may be their date.

Reddit consumer ProbablyGay1 published the following, and it’s really extremely, really lovely.

Ian and I also are in the same English class in senior high school. I presumed he had been of my pal group because he had been actually handsome-not ripped, simply genetically blessed in the face department-and felt truly smart and cool, thus nerdy myself assumed he was super preferred.

Ian and that I wound up seeing each other plenty. In the course of time I made the decision it absolutely was time indeed to stop being scared of Ian and try to feel friends with him.

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