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7. 45 second interval between more competitions. This extra one competition into the early and later part of the crowd, and included several most tournaments of compound during the day.

8. Tuesdays and Thursdays top happenings have now been paid down to $150.00 It was done away from neccessity keeping us on spending budget and allow us to return to giving out seats on Mondays and Fridays.

Brand-new Games

Not specifically discussed by David will be the extension of cooking pot restriction Omaha and container maximum Omaha 8/b Games

These will put a totally latest dimension to Grrrinders, permitting them to offer highest investing PLO and PLO 8/b tournaments for membership professionals for the U.S.

Brand new Timetable

Unique may be the Diamond Room routine, now featuring a cash paying tournament for Diamond users about every 45 mins, from 9Am to 3Am ET regularly.

Total Grrrinders Diamond Room Timetable (July 4, 2012)

All instances Eastern (Subject to change)

That’s 25 regularly profit spending or living chair winning tournaments, Every day on

Show this:

Such as this:

Official Statement by David Webb On Grrrinders current State

At long last, There is read from an Official spokesman from

From David Webbs Writings:

This website was longer overdue. For all the craziness which has had happened both really and through the community, I hope you may recognize my heartfelt apology.

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