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An Investigation of Racial and Ethnic Homophily on Grindr among an Ongoing Cohort Study of YMSM

Paul Salamanca

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Men who possess love with men (MSM), and particularly MSM of hues, is disproportionately afflicted by HIV. Previous studies have shown that MSM bring high amounts of racial/ethnic homophily (the trend for those getting love-making with other individuals exactly who discuss exactly the same racial/ethnic detection) in intimate dyads, which will allow explain HIV disparities. This research fulfills a gap in past analysis by grounding system facts from a cohort research of youthful MSM in Chicago (RADAR) through the contexts of multimedia spaces (VSs) and evaluating differences in amounts of racial/ethnic homophily making use of multilevel-logistic-regression items. Effects reveal that Grindr is different from additional VSs in proportions of racially/ethnically homophilous dyads and also by partner racial/ethnic identification. After handling for basic homophily styles, sex collaborations established on Grindr by white MSM happened to be considerably less probably be homophilous compared to those of light MSM.

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