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VII. usage of mention and Gender Marker Change.Changing sex markers and brands should be a standard procedure

Modifying sex markers and brands must be a regular process that does not also need solicitors or doctors. We don’t need certainly to ‘prove’ to anyone who I’m a woman, it’s simply an inside feeling. —Lina, 28-year-old Iraqi trans girl, November 29, 2018 [208]

Possessing an identification document that does not match one’s gender identification or appearance are a significant barrier in being able to access standard requires, like property, healthcare and job, in addition to liberty of movement and bodily protection, as noted inside the preceding sections of this document. [209] but in Lebanon, trans folk find it difficult to obtain documents that complement her identities.

Diana, a 27-year-old Lebanese trans lady, mentioned

I threw my ID during the trash and applied for an innovative new one.

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