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Without a doubt more about Lao Tzu on being deeply in love

“Being profoundly liked by somebody offers you power, while loving some body profoundly provides you with courage.“ Lao Tzu

56. Oscar Wilde on having love in your heart

“Keep love in your heart. A life without one is much like a garden that is sunless the plants are dead.” Oscar Wilde

57. Morrie Schwartz on providing love

“The most important things in life would be to learn to give fully out love, and also to allow it to are presented in.“ Morrie Schwartz

58. Joseph Campbell on love and friendship

“Love is really a relationship set to music.” Joseph Campbell

59. Gilbert K. Chesterton on loving any such thing

“The solution to love such a thing would be to understand that it could be lost.“ Gilbert K. Chesterton

60. Unknown writer on appreciating the best partner

“Every individual needs to love a minumum of one partner that is bad their life become undoubtedly thankful for the right one.” Unknown

61. Albert Ellis from the art of love

“The art of love is essentially the skill of perseverance.” Albert Ellis

62. Blaise Pascal regarding the distinction that love makes

“When we have been in love we appear to ourselves quite not the same as that which we were prior to.” Blaise Pascal

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