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Further; Acquired distinctiveness is shown through proof of secondary meaning

I also find that Respondents establishment of a social dating community in 2013 at the time they registered the domain names and , which they have continuously maintained since that time, would under Paragraph 4(c)(ii) of the Policy prove Respondents rights or legitimate interests in a disputed domain name

Complainant has continuously used the Snap es were registered, giving Complainant trademark rights that predate the registration date of the Infringing Domain Names. See Annexes A and D-T.

A review of the Annexes did not provide any direct support for a claim of common law trademark rights from any time certain using the normal metrics involved in such a finding. The Complainant at best implicitly asserted that the beginning time it was relying on was the first use date for the mark SNAPCHAT.

For example; The Panel notes that while a trademark registration is not required under Policy 4(a)(i), a complainant must show that the mark has acquired secondary meaning to demonstrate common law rights. See Microsoft Corporation v. Story Remix / Inofficial, FA 1734934 (Forum ) (finding that The Policy does not require a complainant to own a registered trademark prior to a respondents registration if it can demonstrate established common law rights in the mark.); see also Marquette Golf Club v. Al Perkins, 1738263 (Forum ) (finding that Complainant had established its common law rights in the MARQUETTE GOLF CLUB mark with evidence of secondary meaning, including longstanding use; evidence of holding an identical domain name; media recognition; and promotional material/advertising.).

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