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3 P to JK level: constant | Story and skill by: Miyoshi, Maki

Kako, a 16-year-old high-school girl, goes to a blender acting become 22. While present, she satisfies Kouta which to start with has actually really intimidating atmosphere. But as soon as he or she conserves the girl from an awkward circumstance, she wants to know more about your as does they. Definitely until the guy finds out the woman isn’t 22. A day later Kako runs into him or her once again, but these times he’s working as a police officer. While the attitude come mutual, the man denies this lady as he eventually finds she actually is considerably under-aged and it is continue to in twelfth grade. After she protects him in a battle, treading in and having a favorite from a gun with the head, they eventually accepts his own emotions, but they understands the only method so that they can generally be with each other is as simple as marrying. After marrying, the remainder history follows their own residential resides and distinct union.

Perhaps you have had read a police-student relatio-MARRIAGE!? fear no users, P to JK got an individual secure! You could find it strange or strange from the beginning (if you are residing a conservative region like me), about how they seem to be quickly such as that, specially a top college student. This kind of circumstances is very unlikely choice, both of these are starting to get acquainted with friends; they isn’t capable of need a complete commitment initial. The entire heroes are really rush of recognizing marriage, but because of that negative head start, the actual treasure of P to JK starts to flower.

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