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That pizza looks good and I love pizza that you can fold and eat

Let it GO

I really need to make a trip to Connecticut and go to Pizza Planet. Wait, wasn’t that the name of the place in Toy Story? LMAO. I’m dead.

They have eerily similar mannerisms and speech patterns. The only difference is that Jaswinder knew who the hell Chris is. Jeff even offers Chris a slice of pizza at the end. I thought that was very sweet of Jeff.

So Jeff gets arrested and I saw his goddamn interrogation video. To the very fuckin end Jeff was adamant that he did absolutely nothing wrong. It was everyone else’s fault. Jeff is a fuckin prick, but instead of shutting his fuckin mouth and requesting a lawyer, he decided to talk and get himself into even more trouble. I guess he believed he could talk himself out of the charge, but he ended up burying himself in a ration of shit.

The detective was not having any of Jeff’s shit. Every type of argument that Jeff tried to bring to the table, The Detective was crushing it. Like Jaswinder, Jeff claimed that “people don’t understand what we could have had” and The Detective kept throwing it down as “That’s not normal.”

The Detective: So you were going to come down here and marry a 13 year old girl with her mother’s permission?

Again, like Jaswinder, fuckin Jeff kept telling The Detective to see what he was going to do with the girl first before “jumping to conclusions”. The Detective shut him down again. There was a game of psychological warfare going on between those two, and the interrogation was gold because of it. Jeff is an absolutely revolting waste of oxygen. Jeff just acted as though he was so slick and nobody could take him down.

Jeff eventually got 30 months in jail and a suspended 10 year sentence. It’s a far cry from he was supposed to have. I think Jeff is a sociopath. I don’t use that term lightly. Now, for real, I don’t have a fuckin doctorate in psychology, but shit, it doesn’t take one to see Jeff clearly has sociopathic tendencies.

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