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Ask any man in a trip team around campus exactly exactly what scenery they enjoy many whenever considering universities and they won’t title any structures.

Demonstrably they’re distracted by an unusual type of beauty, like the dance team girl that is hottest tanning outside from the quad. right Here at College Magazine we determined to truly save you the difficulty of looking all over America and allow you in from the top ten universities with top views .

1. University of Southern Ca

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“California girls, they may be memorable,” sings Katy Perry. She got this 1 right, specially at the University of Southern Ca where the cheerleading squad it self is renowned for recruiting the hottest university girls. It may be a clichГ© that all Cali girls are tanned, toned, blonde and drive to your coastline in Jeeps, but due to their background, that tends to face real for girls at Southern Cal. “The girls here are about since hot as the heat exterior,” said Mike Corstone, USC sophomore. The Trojans graduated skip America Nicole Johnson, model Eve Torres and movie producer Joe Francis – the creator of “Girls Gone Wild” videos. There isn’t any elevant concern now where he discovered motivation.

2. Oregon State University

Although situated in the Northwest rather than considered one of many sunniest places in the usa, Oregon State University is renowned for having a number of the many appealing girls in the nation. Girls at Oregon State University are sexy adequate to have their particular calendar –aptly titled– “Beautiful Beavers.” Really. Two feminine alumni also proceeded to make Playboy’s sought-after “Playmate of the season.” Oregon could be pretty dreary, particularly during the wintertime, but who needs sun – the OSU girls will suffice. “i’ve that calendar hanging in my own dorm, girls are incredibly hot,” said Matt Kerr, OSU junior.

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