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Through the journal for the 6th grade “slut” — The UnSlut venture

“I can’t dump him now, because then people would even think i am more of a slut than they already do.

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just just How could one mistake cause my entire life to crumble such as this?”

Can you publish your journal from the time you had been a pre-teen on the net when it comes to world to read?

This is just what Emily that is 27-year-old Lindinpen title) does in the title of countering slut shaming, with a Tumblr we we we blog she’s got known as The UnSlut venture.

Emily states, I was bullied incessantly at school, after school, and online (this was 1997 in the days of AIM, and of course online bullying has only gotten worse)“ I was branded a ‘slut’ by my classmates and for the next few years of my life,.”

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