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Step 1: you need to demand battery pack using charger and ensure that it it is enough charge to get in touch with solar energy panels to come up with electricity.


Put the batteries after full-charge in a bin. Make the positive and bad in a single row.

Step 3

Making jumpers from AWG wire. From 2 AWG cables, you get 100 Amps. Cut the wire length by calculating the terminals and create technical lugs.

Step 4

Earn some holes within the bin lid for your wires. Possible hook the wiring on the inverter and charger.

Step 5

Position the screens during the appropriate spot by facing the sunlight.

Step 6

Today hook up the 12V power supply and charge controller with all the wire

Step 7

Calculate the charge control and connect it into the section making use of mec4 connector

Action 8

Today start the inverter to test whether it is functioning or perhaps not.

12 volt Solar Panel Wiring Drawing – Simple Techniques To Follow Along With

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