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You had been created in a mans human body however with the desire that is intense live once the Sissy woman you had been supposed to be.

It’s time for you to begin the journey!

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Goddess Summer’s Sissy Sorority for the of June we will be working on getting that sissy body in shape for summer month.

You realize you are designed to live your daily life decked out in panties and stockings, with lipstick smeared across your lips and stay a appropriate anal slut you require guidance and support getting here. My Sissy Sorority could be the location for you personally.

A perfect mixture of sissy training and silly sissy enjoyable.

Each i will decide on a theme (The theme for June is Body and Fitness!) month. Through the thirty days i am going to designate between 10 to 12 tasks become finished that most relate back into the theme. These is supposed to be a mixture of both training tasks, built to allow you to into a much better sissy and expand your wardrobe and model package as well as other more imaginative tasks to possess some really good fun that is sissy.

Being a known person in My Sissy Sorority you’ll be element of a bunch.

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