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MOVIE: Alistair Heather’s facts on Tinder internet dating in lockdown

We bloody appreciate a very good blether. A chin wag. A catch all the way up. A heart to cardio or a haver.

At any time I’m listening to a pretty good pal’s split or conference anybody brand-new, I’m normally excited. So lockdown got an actual scunner fae simple viewpoint.

Because we move through the raw wintertime of cultural stipulation and into a loose form of daily life, therefore that summer time sunlight stutteringly shines, the societal heart has-been increased alongside pints and contributed teeth. Braw.

However, there’s only a small an element of me that raises alongside those frothy spring pints a more sombre dram, in remembrance of this tiny delights that kept myself afloat in lockdown.

The freshest pint and finest fries in Dundee

And whit a read! ??

-at the brothers new destination at V&A pic.twitter/LZ2nm2hpBk

We expended wintertime back at my tod in a-flat in Coldside.

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