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Heteropessimism include performative disaffiliations with heterosexuality, usually indicated in the way <a href="">site</a> of feel dissapointed about, shame, otherwise hopelessness throughout the straight sense

Heterosexuality is actually nobody’s individual disease.

“Heterosexuality always embarrasses myself,” Maggie Nelson admits about Argonauts, a text just after therefore rabidly preferred one of females and queers you to definitely my very first content is actually swiped off my personal bag at a great dyke club during the 2016. Nelson’s confession features constantly struck me as the symptomatic of one’s latest time, in which indictments regarding heterosexuality are particularly one thing from a great meme. Yet , while i asked their regarding it during the an excellent Skype label held of the a sex-knowledge working area having scholar children, she backtracked. Doubt you to definitely she actually is ashamed by the heterosexuality generally speaking, Nelson said one to she is just ashamed by the her own heterosexuality, from the times in her own life when she has captivated-otherwise suffered with-a romantic appeal so you’re able to cis men.

During the time it caveat hit me once the one another needlessly defensive and you can disingenuous. Of all some body, Nelson understands her queer theory, meaning that understands that her own heterosexual experience only enters focus via the cultural delineation of heterosexuality from other (reduced uncomfortable?) different intimacy and you may attachment.

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