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Two-and-a-half People: 5 Of Charlie’s Girlfriends We’d Love To Go Out (& 5 We’dn’t)

Charlie’s have many girlfriends throughout Two-and-a-half Males – some we would date our selves! Other Individuals. less.

This has been a while since Two-and-a-half guys had the final season – in the past in 2015, but followers of this tv show nonetheless like watching reruns of this hilarious sitcom. Charlie Harper got certainly one of the greatest womanizing characters on television, and almost any episode included one of his true flames.

Without every union with big, many of these gals happened to be in fact too best for Charlie. To reminisce all the women about this show – listed below are 5 of Charlie’s girlfriends we would completely date, and 5 we definitely will never.

10 Would Not: Jamie Eckleberry

Jamie was actually spunky, intelligent, and completely attractive, nevertheless turns out that the men surely crossed the woman before.

Starred by Paget Brewster, followers will keep in mind that Charlie always generate enjoyable of their in school before she got “pretty”.

While she may seem like a lovely woman, she clearly has many outrage issues plus some unresolved hatred. It actually was humorous to watch, but we’d never ever want to see that flames inclined to our selves.

9 Would: Lisa

Lisa, played by Charlie Sheen’s IRL ex-wife, Denise Richards, had been certainly the flame that have out. She just looks in the 1st month, but she nevertheless remains perhaps one of the most down-to-earth, smart, and fiery people that Charlie actually outdated.

This woman is gorgeous, does not just take Charlie’s shenanigans, and it has certainly confirmed she’s got a center of gold and a big head to suit. We will never forget Lisa, and we also’d surely date this sassy, amusing, and intelligent bombshell.

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