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Two-factor authentication notably improves the protection of your respective piece of fruit identification document. When you have turn it over, finalizing in the profile will need both your code and use of your respected gadgets or dependable telephone number.

To keeping your membership just as safe as is possible and help confirm that you never ever reduce gain access to, there are many basic guidelines you should follow:

  • Remember their Orchard Apple Tree ID code.
  • Utilize a device passcode on your systems.
  • Keep your dependable mobile number(s) updated.
  • Ensure that your relied on machines actually get.

Coordinate your game account

It is possible to take care of the reliable names and numbers, trusted systems, also account information from your fruit identification account web page.

Manage the reliable contact numbers

To utilize two-factor authentication, need at least one reliable number on data where you should see verification codes. Think about validating a supplementary trustworthy phone number rather than yours phone number. If your iphone 3gs has to be your only trusted tool and it’s lacking or destroyed, you’re going to be struggle to obtain confirmation regulations required to access your money.

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