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Offer Up versus Craigslist: What Type Is Much Better for Attempting To Sell Factors?

Matt is a specialist artist and freelance copywriter, sharing his wisdom, house-painting strategies, and product reviews.

Try Craiglist nevertheless a legitimate market, or perhaps is OfferUp an improved alternative?

Is actually OfferUp Better Than Craigslist for Promoting Circumstances?

OfferUp was a totally free smart device software which enables one to promote circumstances in your area from your own home, much like Craigslist. Issue is whether or not you’re much better than others.

I’ve utilized Craigslist for many years, promoting refinished furniture as well as other circumstances from about the house. I also utilized OfferUp some instances as a vendor.

Below are a few of advantages and disadvantages of selling products on both programs:

OfferUp homepage

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