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Why many women can be determining as bisexual

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The Office of state Statistics features launched its current information on sexual identities within the UK, many stunning activities leap out – especially when you are considering bisexuality.

The sheer number of young people identifying as bisexual have obviously grown by 45per cent throughout the last 3 years. Women are almost certainly going to identification as bisexual (0.8%) than lesbian (0.7%), whereas guys are more likely to submit as homosexual (1.6percent) than bisexual (0.5percent). That finally acquiring chimes together with other research in the united kingdom additionally the people – but why should this feel?

Ladies’ sex features historically come policed, denied and demonised in extremely specific steps, and a woman to get everything except that passively heterosexual has often become considered a straight-out perversion. Lesbians posses over the years come regarded as a hazardous type, a direct obstacle to patriarchal frameworks, probably describing precisely why lady is likely to be very likely to self-identify as bisexual.

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