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FIF – Green Loan to ProCredit carrying AG & Co. KGa. The project contributes to the targets for the FIF, giving support to the Competitive <a href="">payday loan 1 hour deposit</a> and Resilient transition properties.


As authorized by part 2.6 of point III for the the means to access Suggestions rules, disclosure with this PSD had been deferred prior to part 1.4.4 from the Directive on the means to access Suggestions.

Task Definition

The project will supporting PCH meet up with raising clients need for environmentally friendly financing in consult and provide the necessary money to finance the carried on development of the their environmentally friendly mortgage profile (CAGR of 34% over 2016 – 2019). Since will be mandated within the Policy declaration, EBRD resource will be used by PC Serbia and PC Romania to extend financing to regional SMEs on the basis of the objectives of this FIF.

Task Goals

Elderly unsecured phrase mortgage as high as EUR 20 million to PCH for on-lending to eligible Sub-borrowers by ProCredit Serbia (“PC Serbia”) and ProCredit Romania (“PC Romania”). The Borrower will tackle to ensure that the amount of this premises (i.e. EUR 20 million) is going to be on-lent by PC Serbia and PC Romania to eligible sub-borrowers within a two-year period, in line with the eligibility criteria under PS. The funding is going to be aligned because of the ProCredit Holding Green relationship framework plus making use of the EBRD Purchase strategy.

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