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Lauren Southern may be the EPITOME of what the Left hates—she’s a well talked, smart, appealing woman…who DOESN’T like contemporary feminism!

One channel that I’ve discovered instrumental in red pilling ladies happens to be Lauren Southern’s channel. Females have a tendency to tune in to her much more than some bearded man like Roosh or some butthurt little MGTOW faggot, for a couple reasons.

  1. She’s well spoken and maybe not angry or bitter
  2. She’s a lady
  3. She’s pretty

Whenever girls see some body similar to this, they be aware. “Why is not she a feminist?” they’ll think. Nearly all women have already been brainwashed their whole LIFE to purchase into this “rape culture,” anti-male, “patriarchal oppression,” bullshit. When a lady entirely disagrees, it sticks out.

As a part note, there are more feminine YouTubers who will be additionally anti-feminist, such as for example Blonde within the stomach associated with the Beast and Karen Straughan, but Lauren Southern is the better to achieve a audience that is wide because she’s young and it has great credentials.

How to start

Lauren Southern’s fundamental introduction, “Why I am maybe not a feminist,” is a great starting point. It may cause a small amount of a visceral effect, particularly in the greater hardened feminists, however for any rational girl, this may set them regarding the right course.

Keep in mind, however, you will need to start slow. Do you really remember just how long it took one to ingest the red supplement? It’s a whole journey, that sometimes takes YEARS.

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