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Advanced Masking in Exposure X5.Advanced Masking in RAW Editors

As being a travel and landscape photographer, we oftentimes capture photographs with a protracted range that is dynamic. The use of advanced masking is essential when editing landscape photos and I use it extensively in different applications from my perspective.

Disclaimer: this short article happens to be sponsored by visibility computer computer Software, makers of Exposure X5, non-destructive RAW picture editor and organizer. We wish to thank them really for his or her help.

My knowledge about advanced level masking predates my photography times. Before switching to photography, we invested years as a designer that is graphic mostly on broadcast tasks. A large section of my task would be to create complex transparency masks in Photoshop (we called them alpha masks) making sure that animated backgrounds might be overlaid with semi-transparent images.

Whenever I switched to photography, my very first Canon DSLR had a terrible range that is dynamic.

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