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Let me make it clear about KEF Reference 1 review


Some speakers, especially during the end that is high are fussy. They have to be placed simply therefore, be allied to your right system and need a specific standard of recording quality before they begin to shine. These KEFs will vary.

We begin by placing them where our reference ATCs stand in our normally listening room together with Reference 1s noise balanced. The listening position to optimise the performance, we bring them a little closer together, firing almost straight ahead rather than being angled in towards.

Benefiting from the Uni-Q’s wider dispersion, this will make things better with a wider, nicely layered presentation, but basically does not affect the speakers’ character, in comparison to numerous rivals that only sound good in a place that is specific.

The exact same accommodating nature is obvious with regards to system-matching. They are top-end speakers effective at a high-degree of transparency, but offered they are fed by you with suitably talented electronic devices they truly are maybe perhaps not unduly fussy.

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