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What are an available room and a roomie on Craigslist—and steer clear of the freaks

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Moving to ny is intimidating sufficient, but once you put in a Craigslist roommate or room search into the mix, the job becomes ten times more daunting. (While there are many more and more solid roomie search web web sites cropping up by the time, if you should be seeking to cast an extensive internet, Craigslist remains the top of the heap.) Great news: it’s not since scary since it appears, while the likelihood that you will end up getting some body directly away from solitary White Female is extremely slim. Odds are, your possible roomies are simply because anxious when you are to find an individual who’s a fit that is good.

In under a 12 months in ny, i have shopped for an area twice on craigslist and discovered roommates for my place as soon as. The very first go-around ended up being my very first time going to nyc. It took months of diligent Craigslisting to obtain the summer sublet that is right. The time that is second in December, ended up being the most challenging.

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