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Just How Long Does Bad Credit Stay On Your Record?

Sometimes life presents us with challenges that put great deal of unmanageable stress and force on our funds. Credit reporting agencies like Equifax and Transunion keep documents of late and missed re payments, outstanding debts, and things such as bankruptcies or customer proposals on your own credit history for assorted lengths of the time dependent on just just what the exact problem is.

Let me reveal a list that is simple outlines the length of time different delinquencies and products is going to be kept on your own credit score:

Intense Credit Checks / Inquiries: 36 months from date published

Judgements: 6 years from date filed

Collections: 6 years from date of last task

Trade products: 6 years from date of final activity

Past High Rates: 6 years from date reported

L/S Trade Item: 6 years from date reported

Customer Proposal: three years from date settled (if no settlement date occurs, 6 years from date filed)

Bankruptcy: 6 years from date released (if no release date exists, 7 years from date filed)

Multiple Bankruptcies: first bankruptcy purges from your own record 14 years through the date of release, additional bankruptcy purges 14 years through the date of release

Secured personal loans: 6 years from date filed

Banking Things: 6 years from date reported

Faqs (FAQ) About Getting a mortgage that is private

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