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Is just a framework for Minecraft Forge which allows for mods to be scripted, in languages such as for example JavaScript.

JavaScript scripts are executed with this customized fork of Mozilla’s Rhino collection. Our custom fork supports numerous ES6 and ESNEXT features. For the (nearly) complete feature list,check our compatibility dining table;

To setup ct.js, all you need to do is put the ct.js jar into your mods folder, and launch Minecraft. By default, ct.js modules are stored in, but this is changed within the configuration. To access the ct.js settings, type /ct settings in game. The remainder with this tutorial will refer to this directory while the “modules directory”, and certainly will assume it is within the standard location.

Developing a module

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To make a module, produce a folder in your modules folder. The folder can have whatever name you would like, but typically it’s simply the true name of this module. Our module will be called ExampleModule. Our folder structure now l ks like . .

The metadata file

All modules should have a metadata.json file. This file contains information about our module. You can observe an illustration of the file to your right. The metadata file has a range important industries, documented here

  • name The name for the module
  • creator The title associated with creator that is module
  • version The version of the module.

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