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Don’t be seduced by the two Girls and a glass social networking posts!

Users can vote articles up or down into the news feed and after two down votes, the post vanishes. The application does state it’s for plus 17 age bracket and targeted for grownups, but no verification is necessary. They encourage nearby users to distribute the expressed word about events or occasions also to share any thoughts about those ideas happening nearby.

One concern is the bullying factor and kids download app to help make articles and spread rumors or derogatory articles about other people beneath the privacy of an person that is unknown. If you notice this app in your child’s unit, you will need to discuss the hazards of sharing information Nd reading information posted by anonymous users.

Definition – green application, yak, horns, brown green.

22 year old dating a 17 year old

App Review – Backchat

Threat Amount – Quite High

right Back chat can be an application designed for IOS and Android os products. Backchat is another text messaging app from the long listing of data Text messaging applications.

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