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Do men get more right swipes on dating apps when they consist of kitties within their profile photos?

Our research says no.

Representational image. | Adem Altan / AFP

When you yourself have utilized a dating application, you should understand the significance of selecting good profile photos.

These pictures don’t simply relay attractiveness; a present research advised that 43% of men and women think they are able to get a feeling of someone’s personality by their picture. You may reckon that somebody who has included a photograph of on their own climbing is an outdoorsy variety of individual.

But as researchers who learn human-animal interactions, we desired to know very well what this designed for owners – in specific, male pet owners.

In the event that you post a picture posing with your favourite feline if you are a guy who owns a cat, what kind of effect does it have on suitors?

Prior studies proposed that ladies do judge a possible male partner predicated on whether he has got animals. As they favour guys with dogs, the outcomes indicated that in addition they give males with kitties an advantage over non-pet owners.

Due to this, we reasoned that males pictured with kitties would be viewed as probably more appealing and desirable than males whom failed to pose with any animals.

Inside our research, we recruited 1,388 heterosexual US ladies from 18 to 24 years old to simply just simply take a quick anonymous survey that is online. When you look at the study, we provided all of them with pictures of 1 of two young men that are white their early 20s either posing alone or having a pet. In order to avoid biasing the responses that are women’s we arbitrarily offered which photo they saw first.

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