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My bisexuality is a part that is innate of i will be, and also to allow other people determine me personally could be doubting my entire self.

Seldom do people assume I’m directly. Besides my being more femme than some guys, bisexual guys are always stereotyped to be homosexual. On the other hand, bisexual women can be always stereotyped to be right. This concept, rooted in patriarchal superiority, is as soon as you are interested in a person by having a penis that are supposedly almighty that’s it: you really must be mainly interested in people who have penises for your whole times.

My gf in college subscribed for this concept, sooner or later splitting up beside me after a couple of months of dating, because her buddies teased for having a “gay boyfriend.” She knew briefly as real because she never saw me with a guy after I began seeking her out that I was bisexual, but she didn’t see it.

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