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You have your Tinder, your Coffee Meets Bagel, your OKCupid, and your Bumble when it comes to dating apps

This piece comes by unique demand and additionally cuz it must be done.

Each has its own particular demographic — Coffee Meets Bagel is for introverts in search of one thing longterm, OKCupid is actually for strange introverts with an individual test obsession, Bumble is actually for self-labeled male feminists and girls that are exhausted, and Tinder is for everybody else who may haven’t quit hope/people trying to get set.

You then get South Asian relationship apps.

By the real way, don’t think the adverts — no body on either application appears like the models.

It can take a unique individual become for a south dating app that is asian. For starters, they should like being around South Asians 24/7. High purchase, to tell the truth.

These apps attract three types of people in my experience

  1. Southern Asians wanting to get hitched
  2. Southern Asians whom have only south friends that are asian
  3. Individuals who aren’t South Asian who desire to create dumb Aladdin jokes

Kevin is certainly not South Asian.

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