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Eventually, you’ll sext with a robot

What would website visitors from area think as long as they watched your sexts? Rubbish statement followed by alien switches of human beings skin – the creases, the arresting hairs and products. Would it switch all of them on?

Now you can sext with a robot and try to arouse it. The prolific Mike Walker is rolling out Sext device, “an SMS-based video game exploring the frailty of formulas and real person sex.” You send out it fleshy images and sexts and soon you can persuade it that it is doing something hot.

Ideally you do not deliver it real nudes – the ruddy floret left of your knee, perhaps, or a close-up for the rude, difficult tendon at the rear of your heel, and you find out if the robot believes it really is hot. “I happened to be contemplating discovering the little arbitrary aspects of peoples sexuality which make sense to us, but would seem totally arbitrary and international to an alien variety or something like that not really acquainted with humanity,” Walker informs me.

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