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They are both shortly after Sheng Nan and find out one another while the like rivals because they eat together with her inside her household

Lu Jin discovers Zi Qian going to Sheng Nan with a bunch out-of roses. The two men are eyeing each other with uncertainty.

Occurrence eleven

Li Boy says to Lu Jin’s mommy, Ms. Zheng, regarding the their need for Sheng Nan. Ms. Zheng flies in order to Suhai and you will asks Lu Jin on the their wife. She seems Li Guy are an even more suitable lover for her boy. However, Lu Jin resists the theory. Ms. Zheng following asks meet up with Sheng Nan.

Zhao Di and you can Gao Quan An enthusiastic train her what you should do during the fulfilling and top her to look more adult on her decades. Ms. Zheng requires the lady to-name a price for her to go out of the girl man inside appointment. Sheng Nan admits one she wishes currency supply their pops a far greater lifestyle also to pay her ascending lease. But she would like to earn they by herself. She leaves after claiming their portion.

Sheng Nan guarantees Lu Jin that she understands their mother’s concern and therefore she likes her frankness.

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