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Some of the messages at the discuss particular governmental items

So it, also, are an indicator from untrue personal revelations. Also, You will find noticed that visionaries that unknown are almost always not true. There are various untrue personal revelations in the world today. If any come from a private visionary, you have to know her or him more likely not the case.

And his interpretation of one’s verses from eschatology throughout the Bible are ridiculous; it’s little in common with the eschatology of your own Saints as well as the fresh new Church

213. Luz de- Maria de- Bonilla ( “Revelaciones Marianas” — a bogus abdlmatch personal disclosure, making common not the case claims: distorting the definition of one’s great Caution (forecast on Garabandal), claiming the Antichrist is within the world today, claiming that Antichrist becomes Pope, and you may stating one God tend to return for this age group.

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