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The process of claiming a welcome bonus falls to the casino you choose to sign with

However, most online casinos use the same steps and if they do vary, it is only very subtle changes that are to be expected. With that being said, if you are looking to claim one of the above types of casino bonuses all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

These requirements can also reachhigher requirements such as 50x

  1. Find a reputable casino worthy of registration
  2. Select the casino welcome bonus that grips your interest
  3. Use the bonus code tied to the welcome offer
  4. Follow the signup steps by registering with the casino

Registering with a welcome casino bonus offer is usually a two-step process requiring you to create a password, provide an email address and share some personal details to ensure that upon withdrawing wins, you are in fact who you say you are.

The reason a casino may ask you for proof of identification is so that no nefarious activity happens on your account or so winnings cannot be withdrawn from any third parties. Only you are privy to access to your casino account and winnings earned from the casino welcome bonus are exclusively yours.

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